It might be tough being a recording studio owner, but with these simple and easy tips; it’ll become easier over time.

The first thing you want to ask yourself as a studio owner is, what type of artists will you be servicing and what genre? Do you want to record Jazz? Hip-Hop? Pop? These are all things to ask yourself as a new owner. You want to make sure you have an some sort of presence already before advertising your studio anywhere.

Having The Right Equipment Is Key.

A main thing to always make sure of is, having the right audio equipment in your recording studio. Yes, it will depend on what type of music you will be recording but you want to make sure it is very professional and to the point.

Don’t forget, having a studio is great but you need to maintain a client-base on a monthly basis. Be sure to offer everyone that comes in whether they are experienced or not, or if they are famous or just locals to offer them deals and coupons for studio time. That’ll bring them back to your recording spot fi their experience was good enough. Throw in some productions on the side, make they happy and feel comfortable enough to come back into your recording studio.

Always Network! Anywhere, Anytime.

Be sure to promote your recording studio everywhere and anytime. You are the BEST promotion your studio can have, no one will know more about your own space than yourself. Also give discounts to people who aren’t known but highly talented. Whatever makes you look good.

Remember, all of this will be your investment in the long run. Marketing is one of the biggest concerns and time consuming investment for your recording studio if you choose this path. Using social media and apps like Stugo to showcase your recording studio are very beneficial in helping promote your studio in your area.

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