Our Approach

Stugo is a tech startup that offers on-demand services from recording studios for all types of musicians, producers and creatives.

We believe in exceptional customer service, outstanding quality and well-crafted studios, whether they are local or mobile.

Our mission is to create first class on-demand services designed to democratize recording studios.

What is Stugo?

Stugo is the most convenient and cost-effective way to book a recording studio. Instead of having to look around for a recording studio that is already booked, you can simply download the app, look for studios near by, and then simply start getting your session locked in! At the time Stugo will be offering MOBILE STUDIOS in Los Angeles only, but Stugo offers and showcases hundreds of recording studios across the nation.

Stay tuned.

As Stugo just launched, we will be looking forward to servicing your area, if there are no studios listed in your area, feel free to contact us with any suggestions or even add your own studio.